Tips To Shape Up Your Eyebrows

Tips To Shape Up Your Eyebrows

You only need to snip your brows, instead of wasting your time in tweezing your brows

 is all what you need to control your brows.Here are some of the tips to control your Brows.

  1. Firstly brush your brows in straight direction and then look for hairs that are too long.
  2. Try to snip aberrant hairs one by one with scissor.
  3.  Now brush your brows in downward direction and then again look for any aberrant hairs.
  4. Now again repeat the second step and cut hairs one by one.
  5. Now brush your hairs in their normal position and try to find out hairs that need special attention.
  6. Try to repeat these steps of brushing and snipping till your brows are in right shape.

One important tip with regard to maintaining your brows is, try to snip your brows on weekly basis, instead of doing all the steps in one day and if you want to give your brows a natural look, then try to use eye shadow in place of pencil.

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