Perfect Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

As we know that the fashion trends are keep on changing every day and the same thing has been noticed in the makeup. At first the women were crazy about the smoky makeup and this trend has been quite famous for long time of the year but now the women and girls have to ones again get ready for the makeup because the cat eye makeup has arrived in the fashion universe. Now all those women who are not much aware from this makeup they might be thinking that how to apply this form of makeup. Let’s have a brief look over the formation process of cat eye makeup.

1. The most important thing in the cat eye makeup is the eye liner because the wholesome effort has to be carried out just with the help of eye brush.


2. Take a pointed edged eye pencil and start it from the tip of the first eye and following the pencil till the end of the eye in the same shape as the eye is travelling around.

3. Well along with the black eye pencil you will required with the eye liner brush, eye shadow, eye brow pencil and black mascara.

4. Now after making the tip from the eye pencil just take the eye liner and make the thick and sharp edged layer in such a way that it even gets out till the eyes.

5. Now take the eye brow curler and make the eye brows more prominent and give them lengthy and huge shape turns.

6. Now at last stage just applies the mascara on the eyes as you normally apply in daily makeup routine.

Now we are sure that after reading these steps you would have definitely gather up all the makeup products and just make yourself sit in front of the mirror and start it now.

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