Best Eyebrows Shape suiting your eyes

Eyebrows give different look to someone face. If eyebrow is made according to the shape and size of your eyes and face then it will give you an amazing look of eyebrows on your face and personality.There are different shapes and sizes of eyes like small eyes, broad eyes, inward eyes, rounded eyes, closer eyes. We take a look on different shapes of eyes and eyebrows suiting best for your personality and which are also in fashion. Small Eyes: Prominent and liftup your eyebrows keeping them thick and remove hairs from the bottom side. give them arch shape at the quarter of your eye, it will give you large eyes look. Broad Eyes: Don’t make distance between your eyebrows, keep them near to each other. and also do not give them very long shape. Inward Eyes: Uplift your eyebrows at third quarter of your eye. Keep a distance between them to prominent your eyes. Rounded Eyes: Give them a pointed shape by uplifting them and remove extra hair from below. Closer Eyes: Sharpen the corner edges of the eyebrows and keep them apart from each other to remove distance between them.

Best eyebrow shape 6543


small eyes enhanced  by eyebrows 0098


rounded eyes 565

long shaped eyes 78776

inward eyes


arch shaped eyebrows 6789

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