Best lipstick colours with your face skin tone

Differnent people have differnet skin tones. Lipstick is the main part of our makeup. If you choose right colour matcing with your skin tone, your whole makeup will be perfect and it will give you a nice look. There are different skin tones like fair, dark, medium and yellowish skin tones. For fair skin tones,we can go for a family of browns and light pink. Dark copper and red colours can be used at night time and they are also in fashion. For Dark skin tones,light shiny pink and light browns look good. At Night rich reds, berry, and copper look very good. For Medium skin tones, we can use soft chocolate brown colours and dark red, shocking pink colors at night. For pale skin tones Dark chocolate brown and pink looks good whereas at night fresh red and dark brown colors will work.

 lipsticks for medium skin


 lipsticks for fair skin


 lipsticks for dark skin

 Lipstick shades

 lipstick for yellowish tone

cool lipstick colours