What Color Of Eye Shadows Is Best For You?

Eyemakeup is the most important part of your makeup, and it is very important that you pay close attention to your eye-makeup. If you are like me, i.e. when i stand in front of the mirror to do my makeup i get confused which eye-color to use and which not, which eye-color will go with the dress, which eye color will look nice on me etc. I then decided to do some research on it, once i was done with that. I thought there are many out there who are like me and this article is for those girls. In this Beauty article we will talk about what color of eye shadows is best for you.

What Color Of Eye Shadows Is Best For You?

One thing which i realized during searching is; the main objective of eye shadows is to highlight the natural color of your eyes. This is why expertise’s says that you should opt for colors which are not in contrast with your iris color. The basic idea for choosing an eye shadow is; let the eye shadow be either few tone darker or lighter than the color of your eyes. Avoid using eye shadow of the same color as that of your iris because it will not enhance the color of your eyes. Following are some simple rules which will help you while answering the question what color of eye shadows is best for you ?

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If you have blue eyes, your eye shadow should range from lilac to violet to eggplant.



If you have brown eyes, the range for eye shadows is huge. You can use almost any color with brown eyes. The best way to find the prefect eye shadow’s for your eyes


In case you have green eyes, your eye shadows range should be somewhere between pale pink and reddish brown.

Following are the DON”T’S that will help you in deciding what color of eye shadows is best for you


Avoid using red shadow, as this leave an impact of fatigue. Not only this applying red shadow regardless of its paleness can leave an aging effect in case they are applied close to the eyes.


I agree that a little touch of shine will enhance your eyes, but a little means a not little. Also, use shinny makeup only for evening makeup, use matted makeup for your daytime makeup.


Its always good to use more than one color eye shadow provided you are able to blend it properly. Because leaving the eye shadows blended will cause a untidy effect, also it will make you eyes look weird. One important thing you should keep in mind while blending the eye shadows is; there should be no distinguishable line between the different colors. Also, use different brush of applicator for every color you apply.

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