Day make-up techniques

Make-up is an art of the fashion world. Whereas day make-up is a quite difficult art then night or evening make-up. We cannot use all colours at day time, so it is a very challenging task. At night time the defeciencies in make-up will also hide but in day time we cannot go for a single mistake.
Keeping in mind that we cannot use a variety of colours and your make-up should be so simple,beautiful, natural and decent.It should give a soft and cool look. First of all use any foundation or concealer to hide any scars or spots on your face.Then use mascara only to give a rich and thick look to your eye-lashes. Use lighter tones of eye-shadows like light pink, light purple or cream colour to give a soft look. Apply light strokes of blush on in baby pink or peach colour. Finally apply lipgloss in soft shades of pink or peach on your lips to complete your natural day make-up.

light eye make up

natural day make up



pink makeup

light makeup

easy day make up

day make up

everyday makeup

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