How to Get Smoky Eyes

Do you want to get smoky eyes? Well, every woman these days wants to have smoky eyes. This is due to the reason that the smoky eyes look beautiful and give them an appealing look. Here are the steps for the perfect smoky eyes.

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Get Smoky Eyes

Use Primer

Feel free to apply primer onto the lids and let it dry. Trust me this is a perfect way to give you smoky eyes. This keeps the eye shades look gorgeous and prevents them from getting melted even when there are summers. But take good care of the primer you choose. Always make sure that it is of top notch quality and is highly reliable. The markets are flooded with so many primers that may confuse you about the right kind of selection. Be very very careful while choosing this beauty product.


Pick Dark Colors of Eye Shadow

Feel free to pick some dark colors of the eye shadows. If you are about to bring home a kit with eye shadow colors, then make sure that it contains most of the dark shades like red, dark pink, purple, and even black. Apply such shades to the eyes as it really gives your eyes a smoky look that is both adorable and attractive. The colors like black and red are just perfect for the night functions. You can well settle your eyes with these colors and give them an adorable look so that the upper lash looks greater than its original size and the eyes look smoky by the whole.

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Get Smoky Eyes

Use Eyeliner Pencil

Use an eye liner pencil on the bottom and top of the lash. Trust me this would give your eyes bigger and smoky look. Also consider to run your finger over your eye lashes so that they look smooth and appealing. The selection of the proper eyeliner pencil is mandatory.

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