Best Makeup Ideas 2015 For Valentines Day

Below we will be highlighting some of the main and best makeup ideas 2015 for Valentines Day! Are you ready to learn?

Best Makeup Ideas 2015 For Valentines Day

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Choose Pink Lips:

In the winter season the best way to add the lips with the attractiveness is making the use of the pink lips. You should be wearing with the nice lipstick which has a pink shade. Lipstick with any shade of pink can work for you that will simply give you a sweet and sassy look. You can even go for the bold red lips and hence team up your dress according to the shade of your pink lipstick.

Curl Lashes Long:

You should be giving attention over the eyelashes too. You can hence curl them up with an eye lash curler and then apply a really thick layer of mascara. Make sure the mascara is of good quality and it does not clump. You can even go for false eye lashes which are easily available in stores and are extremely easy to apply too.

Shades of Copper and Nude:

If you still are not comfortable with your pinkish makeup and want to go for a classier look by choosing with the nude lips and copper eye shades. You can use the copper eye shadows so that you can create a smokey eye effect and use the nude shades of lipstick and blush them all together.

Be Smooth:

Well staying smooth at the time of application is one of the vital things that you should keep in mind. You should be choosing a shade of blush or you can even go for a creamy and sheer shade of pink for the pink Valentine’s Day makeup or go in support of an extremely smooth bronze for the nude makeup. Do not apply to much of blush as boys would not like that.

So follow these amazing makeup tips now and make your Valentines Day special and memorable with the loved ones!


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