Tips On How To Fix Dried Mascara Quick- Revive old Mascara

Upset over your favourite dried mascara? now fixing dry mascaras are no more hassles. just follow this post and learn how to Fix dried Mascara.

Mascara is that makeup product which enhances the eye makeup look. girls go really crazy after mascara. they quest for voluminous mascara which makes their eyelashes look long and healthy. the only problem with mascaras are that they do dry too quickly. the reason for the quick dryness and lumps in mascara is air, the air gets into it which dries the mascara in few weeks. but now, you do not need to worry.

I have a few mascaras that dries very quickly because the wand tip is so large that when I put it into the tube it pushes a large amount of air into it.

However the tip to keep your mascara like new is to not pump it. That pushes air into and dries your mascara out very quickly.

I am writting the best tips of how to fix dried mascara. by following these tips you can easily fix dried mascara, revive your old mascaras and make it as new as it was.

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How To Fix Dried Mascara in 5 easy steps:

You will need:


  • Dry / Clumpy Mascara
  • Mug (Or microwave proof cup)
  • Water
  • Contact Solution (Or Olive Oil if you do not have contact solution) / Any good eye drops


  • Put 2-3 drops of Contact Solution in the mascara tube
  • Close lid tightly and shake it up.
  • Test mascara. (Or go straight to next step)
  • If your mascara still needs more help fill your mug with water and and put in microwave for about 3 minutes.
  • Place tightly closed mascara into mug and let sit for 5 minutes.
  • Viola just like new mascara.

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