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At Style.Pk we love to share secrets with you. So here are our Top 10 beauty secrets that every girl and woman should know.

Make sure that you check your foundation colours on your jaw line. Many people check the colour on their wrist or hand which different from the colour of your face. In larger department stores always ask for a tester first, so that you can go home and try it out in natural light and see if it’s really the right colour before you buy it.

Women should heat their eye lash curler with a hairdryer before they use it. Its a great tip for curling your eye lashes but always make sure that you don’t over heat and never forget to check the eye lash curler isn’t too hot before placing it anywhere near your eyes.

If your nail polish is drying out and getting quite clumpy add a little bit of nail polish remover or white spirit to make it normal for use.

Women can use Eye shadows as eye liners. Now you don’t need to buy colours for both. Just use a thin wet brush and dip it into your eye shadow and apply as an eye liner.

If you are going to be having heavy eye make up for parties or functions, apply your foundation afterwards as eye shadow will drop on your face during application and it is best to wipe it off before you apply your foundation. In this way, you can easily fix any mistakes occured during the application of eye makeup.

Many girls and Women are facing the problem of dark circles under their eyes so if you have dark circles under your eyes it is better to stay away from using black mascara on your bottom eye lashes as it will only emphasize the dark circles.


As you get older avoid using powder eye shadows as they will tend to collect in your lines. So women above 35 should avoid powder eye shadows to hide their age.

If you’ve been messy applying your nail colour and have managed to paint half your fingers then simply dab a cotton bud in your nail polish remover and take the nail polish away from where it is not mean to be.

Always use lip balm or any other mosturising cream before applying lipstick especially if its matte. Matte can dry out your lips so it is best to ensure your lips are completely moisturized.

Don’t be afraid to experiment these Beauty and Makeup Tips. Use your eye blushers as eye shadows or eye shadows as blushers or even your lipsticks as blushers. At the end of the day if it looks right, then it probably is right and most importantly Drink as Much Water as you can to Protect You Skin.


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