How to wearable day time smoky eyes make up!!
EYE SHADES: any shimery vanila eye shadow , darker met gray shade, coal jet black met shade,any light pale offwhite or vanilla met shade for highlight.and false lashes if u want to achieve lill bit of dramatic look ,coal black eye liner pencil, jet black eye liner, and good quality make up brushes .

How to apply WEARABLE SMOKY EYE MAKE UP FOR DAY TIME : Apply shimmery vanilla shade to ur half eye ball area, prevent this eye shade going into the crease(b’coz it can lighten the black color in the crease)then apply darkish black color wid any blending brush into the crease for SMOOKY LOOK make sure its not over laping the eye ball colour, after you put this colour take darker grey color(met or shimer its up to you both will look eqaully good)with the same blending brush and drag it wid black color from crease towards inner corner of eye to achieve SMOOKY EYES keep in mind not to mess it wid the colour on eye ball blend it gently towards the outer corner of eye and on the arche of eye lid. apply high lighter gently, keep in mind not to rub or mess wid the shades on eye. now outline your border line with black eye liner pencil, take the black shade in brush and drag it towards the border line gently , apply lashes , put mascara on, make up your eye brows. now you are ready for this SULTRY SMOKY STYLE EYES MAKE UP for day time.


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    2. doll June 5, 2011

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