How To Do Makeup

If we say to our friend that we get ready in just five minutes then she will probable make the fool out of us but that is possible now. You can even make yourself more and more simply beautiful with the makeup within five minutes. Now you might be thinking that how it is possible? Well in this article we are discussing some of the most prominent and vital makeup tips that would help the women and teenage girls to apply the plain but attractive makeup.


How To Do Makeup:

  1. Firstly, apply the concealer under the eyes. The concealer helps the eyes to get free from the dark circles and wrinkles for greater time period. In addition, it will even help the makeup to get stick at one place until you didn’t remove it yourself.
  2. Now take the pink or bronze color of blush on and apply it lightly on the cheeks. Make sure that you don’t apply it in larger quantity because it will make it appeared for other people as well. Try to stay natural.
  3. Afterwards if you are wishing to make your eyes appear bigger and more noticeable then apply the curler on the eye lashes and then make them large with the mascara. Once you have applied the mascara then don’t make the choice for the eye liner or eye shadows because this will spoil up the whole natural image.
  4. At last after giving the final touch to the face now you will move towards the lips. Just apply the lip gloss on the lips and make them free from the lipstick.

 Well in just four simple steps you will be all set with the natural and yet stunning looking face. Just follow these makeup tips and we are sure that they will just take five minutes to make you appear gorgeous and striking pretty.

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