Make Eyelashes Long & Thick

Long eyelashes Ah dream of almost every girl because they can increase the feminine beauty. At we have come up with few Make Eyelashes Long & Thick-01beauty tips that can make your eyelashes attractive.


  1. Take castor oil in your palm and apply this oil on your lashes. This will not only make your eyelashes healthy but will also stop the falling of eyelashes.
  1. If you want to make your eyelashes attractive then apply olive oil on your eyelashes with the help of cotton and with in few days you will be happy to see the results.
  1. Applying coconut oil on eyelashes can make them long and healthy.
  1. Take some honey and mix it with castor oil and now apply this paste on your eyelashes, it will make your eyelashes strong and beautiful.
  1. You can also use Vitamin E oil on your eyelashes; it will give them natural shine.

These tips can help you make your eyelashes strong and beautiful but you also have to improve your sleeping habits because a 7 to 9 hour sleep can make your eyes brighter and can give them fresh look

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