Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under eyes is a big problem. And you must have tried every trick in the book to get rid of it Right ? But before you know how to get rid of them, its important that you know the reason behind them. But before that we should know what exactly are dark cycles.

Periorbital dark circles also known as dark circles are dark blemishes around the eyes.

And in today’s beauty article we will discuss the reasons behind having dark circles under eyes.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Following are the reason behind the occurrence of dark circles under your eyes.

Dark Circles


If you have dark circles under eyes because you inherited them, then there is nothing you can do about it. You have no control over it.  To be sure whether the dark cycles under your eyes are heredity take a look at your parents or grandparents. In-case they have them too, so you have dark circles because you inherited them. The trait you got from your family, will worsen with time. Exposure to sun , and other environmental factors. All you can do is to take proper care of them so they don’t get worse.


Lack Of Sleep

This is one of the biggest reason behind having those hideous dark circles under eyes. Some doctors says this is the major reason behind having the dark circles under eyes. At it is also the most common known reason behind having dark circles. The paler your skin which means less sleep, the more your veins will show blood flowing under your eyes. And with time, if you do not alter your sleep patterns these dark circles will not only get permanent but will turn into dark holes under your eyes an even concelors won’t be able to cover them up. So, before the situation gets worst its important that you change your sleeping routine. 

The Sun

The famous adage “Stay Out Of Sun” has a direct effect on your dark circles. The more you go into sun the more chances are their of getting those dark circles under your eyes. These dark circles under eyes can really give your eyes a very bad look. The sun causes your skin to darken i.e. is the tan. Which in result causes the wrinkles and the dark circles under eyes.

Your Diet

Another very important factor which causes the dark circles under eyes is your diet The more junk you eat the more chances of getting those dark circles under your eyes are there. Without proper diet your skin will age before, will lose its freshness and thus cause those dark circles. And in-case you think your diet is proper then you should go to the doctors for whether advice.

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