How to Choose And Use Concealer

So how many of you are suffering from acne marks or dark circles ? In case you are not to worry, because with the advancement of cosmetics there is nothing which you can not hide with makeup. In today’s beauty article we will tell you about how to choose and use concealer. 

How to choose and use concealer

What are the important factors that you should keep in mind while choosing concealer. There are basically two important factors that one should keep in mind while choosing concealers.


  • 1. The first rule is; if you have red splotches and dark circles, we suggest you choose concealers with thicker texture as they will serve your purpose well. 
  • 2. The second rule is; If you have small irregularities in your complexion that you should go for lighter texture as they will produce better results. 
  • 3. The third rule is; Choose a concealer which is one or two tones lighter than your foundation, as this will not make your concealer prominent.But make sure they remain close to your skin tone.
  • 4. The fourth rule is; to avoid color discrepancies we advise you to use the concealer as well as the foundation/base of the same brand. Now that you have selected your concealer, here is how to apply it to achieve best results.

Now how to Use Concealer ?

The first step is that you wash your face, and then moisturize it properly. Because moisturizing will make any corrections less visible. And in case you have dry skin and you fail to moisturize is properly, concealer will not be helpful, infact it will become worse. It will highlight the dry and flaky aspect of your skin instead of hiding it.


There are two options while applying concealers the first one  is that you apply concealer before foundation and the second is that you apply concealer after you have applied foundation. Though applying it before might result in mixture of two products and applying it after may result it nor being properly blended. The key here is  “Practice makes your perfect”.

For dark circles

How to apply concealer for dark circles ? Put small amount of concealer near to the base of your eyes i.e. the inner corner. You should draw a line outwards as far as the cheekbones goes. And you need not to rub it, use patting motions instead. As this will result in better coverage of dark circles

For Wrinkles

The best thing about concealers is that you can use them everywhere on your face. You can apply them on your wrinkles too. In case you have wrinkles around your eyes you have to be extra careful. You should always use the light texture concealer for wrinkles.

For In consistencies in Skin

You can also use concealer for the inconsistencies in your complexion, such as reddening of the nose or along the laugh lines etc. They will really be help for you. Concealer are a big help while doing makeup.

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