Best Cures For Bumpy Spots

Regardless how hard you try to have velvet smooth skin, there is always a chance of you going to hit a rough patch. Like your arms might be as soft as that of a baby, but what about your heels ? Or areas where you don’t even pay attention such as behind your ears. The skin behind your ears are often cracked and rough. But before you start feeling more reptile than human, we’ve gathered the best tips and tricks for warding off those annoying rough patches that keep you from having the smoothest skin of your life. And in today’s beauty article we will be discussing best cures for bumpy spots.

Best Cures For Bumpy Spots

Though there are many ways for curing the problem of bumpy spots in your skin, but our focus would be on Best Cures For Bumpy Spots. And following are the Best Cures For Bumpy Spots.

moisturizing elbows


Elbows are considered to be having the worst kind of bumpy spots, and the best cures for bumpy spots in this case is using really heavy-duty moisturizer like  Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant. Or the usual Vaseline will also do. Though Elizabeth Arden 8 hours Skin Protectant is used for your complete body but it works best on your elbows. And for better results, use it right after you have taken a bath, when you skin is still damp. The lotion traps the moisture, amping up the hydrating effects.



Then comes the heels, though many of us simply start to wear boots just so we can avoid the embarrassment of cracked heels.But this is not the solution. By the way, if you know many of us have almost 80 layers of accumulated dead skin on our feet. And this makes the cracked heel situation worse than you can imagine. So, among the best cures for bumpy spots especially this bumpy spot is Baby Foot Exfoliate Peel.  Every one of the exfoliate peel box contains gel-filled booties that you have to wear for almost an hour. And once you take off your socks, you dead skin falls off as well. And in-case you think that the exfoliate peel treatments is too intense for you, you can always opt for something less intense such as Margaret Dabbs Foot Oil. All you have to do is spray the oil on your feet and massage them for sometime.


Knees are another one of those bumpy spots who needs extra time, and attention. The reason your knees get dark and rough is because of all the accumulated dead skin cell, and the first thing you would like to do is to drown the bottle of lotion on your knees. Though it may not work. For this bumpy spot, the option among our best cures for bumpy spots is Bliss Hot Salt Scrub. Though can you use it all over your body but it is really effective where you knees are concerned. This self-heating get warms up as you do the massage, and because of the heated glycerin and sea salt grains, the dead skin starts to peel off.

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