Best Red Lipstick Shade For Your Skin

Red lipstick is at once both instantly amazing, smart glamorizing and totally terrifying. For many of us picking the right shade of red lipstick, the shade which is in accord to you skin tone is no easy feat. In-fact if the shade is not chosen carefully the red lipstick can turn you into something analogous to witch. We are also aware of the fact that, lipsticks can really define the way you look and its not only the red lipstick but any colored lipstick. People with different skin tones should chose lipstick accordingly. Example people with dark complexion should avoid very light or very dark lipstick shades. On the other hand people with light skin tone can apply almost any color. In this beauty tips article we will be discussing best red lipstick shade for your skin. And once you are done you will be able to choose the best red lipstick shade for your skin.

Best Red Lipstick Shade For Your Skin

Red is the color of passion, it is the color that defines LOVE. It is considered to be one of the most sexiest color around, especially when it is painted on your lips. And we are also aware of the fact, that every shade of red looks good on every skin tone. Infact there are certain shades of Red which look good on certain Skin Tone. Following are some description on Best Red Lipstick Shade For Your Skin.Following Picture shows the Harmony and warm  best red lipstick shade for your skin. The breakout is as follows.

The picture having heart shape means harmony and the picture having star means warm of statement.


Red lipstick


PORCELAIN: The ultra light skin tone with cool undertones looks best when you apply a cool red lipstick with the hints of plum. But if you want a daring effect then you should go for the warm red.

FAIR: Then comes people with fair skin. The light skin tone cool undertones is most harmonious with a cool red. But in case you are in a bold mood and want the lipstick to give you a bolder effect go for the  warm red.

BISQUE: This pink under-toned skin color looks best with a cool red, but can also pull off the warm red.

BEIGE: The skin color with the yellow undertone looks very good with warm red. Whereas the cool red will give it the bold look.

OLIVE: Warm reds look best on this skin color with green undertones, but as you can see, cool reds look pretty too.

TAWNY: Again, warm reds are the way to go for this gorgeous skin tone, but don’t let anyone tell you you can’t wear cool reds too.

CARAMEL: Cool reds are wearable but warm reds are gorgeous on this skin tone.

ALMOND: Warm reds are pretty but cool reds are meant for you.


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