Homemade Remedies for beautiful hands.

Hands are very important to complete your feminine beauty. The reason is, they are exposed to all hazards that you face during the day while doing your household activities or even if you are at office, you might find different office equipments damaging your hands.If you do not look after your hands, then they are first part of your body which shows signs of aging. Here is a list of few Remedies for beautiful hands.

Remedy No. 1

You should exfoliate your hands once in a week with some home made scrubber or any chemically synthesized scrubber. You can also use lemon juice, sugar and salt solution to remove dead skins from you hand but you should keep one thing in mind and do not remove dead skin in harsh manner because it will damage your skin.

Remedy No. 2


Make it a daily habit, use a moisturizing lotion at night on your hands and then put gloves on your hand. In the morning, wash your hands with meek soap. This will regenerate softness of your hands and will bring youthful softness to your hands once again. One more hand care tip would be to massage your hands with any good lotion after every wash. If you follow these hand care tips, then we can guarantee you that you will feel softness in your hands. Another home made remedy for skin care, make a mixture of glycerin and rose water and apply on your hands on regular basis, it will bring youthful look to your hands.

Remedy No. 3

Take bee wax and mix coca butter in it. Cook this mixture for few minutes and add 4 tablespoon of almond oil in it. Let the mixture cool down for few minutes and then use this hand lotion on your hand on regular basis. This mixture will rejuvenate skin of your hands.

Follow these hand care tips for beautiful hands and revive your hands youthful appearance.

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