home-made Protein Mask Recipe For Hair

home-made-Protein-Mask-Recipe-For-Hair These days, we find many people complaining about falling hairs. We use different types of cosmetic products like styling gel; hairspray e.t.c if we do not take proper care of our hairs then our scalp can easily get damage by chemicals present in these beauty products. There are many home made remedies that you can follow and have healthy and shiny hairs, we are sharing with you once such home-made remedy, which is as follow.



Olive oil: 3 tsp
mayonnaise/dahi/cream: 2 tsp
nutmeg (jayefal): few sprinkles
almonds: 2 to 3 crushed
water: 1 tbsp


Mix all the above ingredients and make a creamy mixture. Then apply it on your hair n especially scalp. Leave it for half hour n then wash with baby shampoo. Apply it 4 times a week.

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