Long Eyelashes techniques

Having long eyelashes is the dream of every girl. If your eyelashes are small and you want to have a look like longer eyelashes, then there are different techniques which can be used to get a look of long eyelashes. Follow the techniques described below to have a fantastic dream girl eyes.First of all clean your eyes with a best cleanser smoothly and rinse off any dirt or makeup from your eyes. Do not allow makeup to stay on your eyes for a long time. Apply a fine line of eyeliner at the edges of eyelashes. Eyeliner should be in a darker tone to enrich your eyelashes. It will give a volume to your eyelashes.  Some people have long eyelashes but they do not look like because they are straight so to hide this problem use a curler softly to curl your eyelashes. It will give a heavy look to your eyelashes and it is also in fashion. One most common and easy technique to give a thick and long look to your eyelashes is to apply mascara on your eyelashes. It will rich your eyelashes, keep their position set as you want to set them curl or in any other position you want to keep. Artificial eyelashes can also be used to solve this problem by using mascara with them. Another techniques used to give length to your eyelashes are the usage of olive oil and vaseline. These take time but it will give good results after some time. You can apply olive oil with the help of mascara brush at night time. Clean out any empty mascara bottle and put olive oil in it for easy usage of it. Similarly you may apply vaseline if you feel easy.

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