Natasha Paracha Miss Pakistan

Pakistan is known for its beauty. A beauty that is not only limited to scenery  rivers and hills but also include people such as our models and actresses and culture. It is assumed that Pakistani Women are pretty. And assumed rightly too. In this article we will be discussing Another Miss Pakistan. Natasha Paracha Miss Pakistan is considered to be one of the most beautiful woman of Pakistan. And because of her entralling beauty she is was made Miss Pakistaan in 2008.In 2002 Sonia Ahmed announced the first pageant for Pakistan in the world. And after that year after year this pageant has produced beautiful women belonging to Pakistan.

Personal Life of Nastaha Parcha

Natasha Paracha Miss Pakistan

Natasha Paracha Miss Pakistan was born on November 17, 1984 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Beside being a beauty, it is said that she has a wonderful heart, a very down to earth personality and a very caring person. During an interview when she was asked to Tell us about herself, She said:

I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in political science and business administration. I was also the founder of the Pakistan Student Association at Berkeley. I currently work as chairman of the Pakistan Business for a renewable energy organization in the United Nations.

It is also rumored that Nastasha Paracha Miss Pakistan follows rules and regulation, she does not like people who break rules. During and interview when she was asked: Are you a strict discipline? And how do you respond to a glance and you turned neck problem? She replied.

I was raised with disciplined parents and relatives, so it is something that is ingrained in me. With respect to tail, I believe most women somewhat uncomfortable when it comes to a rude thing to do.

Nastasha has a very big family, and in an interview when she was asked; Family life is yours is normal, every back would like to share with us? She answered:

I am very happy to be part of a large and close family. We are always very supportive of each other and value the importance of relationships.

When she was asked about  The social structure in Pakistan consists broadly of two categories – the Islamists and liberals, Are you in any way afraid of the Islamists? She said

I’m not sure I agree with your broad categories. I think there are many kinds of categories and one I’m most concerned about the extremists, those who believe that they harm people is a way of society and political issues to resolve. I am very interested in working on ways of improving the quality of life and politics in order to improve the growth of such extremist groups to counter.

Professional Life Of Natasha Parcha

Natasha became Miss Pakistan at the sixth annual beauty pageant in Tornoto. The beautiful women beat ten Pakistani beauties to win the crown. Once she was crowned the first thing she said was that her goal for the next whole year is to represent  Miss Pakistan World at several events and charities but also raise awareness that 51 million Pakistanis do not have access to medical care.

In an interview Natasha Parcha Miss Pakistan was asked ;The road to stardom; How long has it been taken and it’s fun? she said

I think stardom is a long way and does not end at the same starting point. This great honor was my first step in this long road and I hope that other major successes in the future.

Then she was asked Along the way, who is your mentor? Were the family and the Pakistani link, an obstacle in any way? She said

It is always important to people who support you and believe in your neighborhood to have. My biggest support is my mentor and mother. She has always led me to do right and true to myself.

At the end of the inter she was asked to give a message to young girls of Pakistan she said

No matter how hard they go after your dreams!



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