sonia ahmed miss pakistan

Pakistani fashion, television and film industry is full of people with extraordinary talent.  People who are unique in themselves and there is none other like them. Actress, models who have innate talent for acting, modeling, singing and what not. They not only make us proud but also set a role model and show the world that regardless what you think of us, we are equally good. In-fact in some domain of life’s we are much better. One name that always come into our mind when wee talk about people who are working outside our country, for the sake of Pakistan’s reputation, image and development is Sonia Ahmed. Sonia Ahmed is like a role model for all Pakistani Women. She has made the world see the glamours and the beautiful part of our country. And this article will tell you about her achievements as a professional Pakistani woman as well as her life as a mother, daughter, and wife.

sonia ahmed miss pakistan

Personal Life of Sonia Ahmed

Sonia Ahmed was born on 23 August 1980. Sonia did her early education from Carmel School located in Kuwait. Spending her childhood there, her family then moved to Ottawa in Canada. She attended Notre Dame Catholic High School there, and was one of the brightest student. Sonia was rewarded a medal for her academically achievements in High school. She was among the top ten students of her batch, because of which she was awarded $8000 scholarship to attend the University Of Ottawa. She did bachelors in Business and continued it to the 4th level, she then left it for the sake of Miss Pakistan Competition and to make the pageant as her business.

This talented Miss Pakistan despite living in Kuwait knew decorous Urdu. She could read and write Urdu fluently. She also could speak Hindi, Arabic, English and French. She was also able to write most of these languages. Sonia father Main Iqbal Ahmed Bashir belonged to Arain family which was settled in Faisalabad. Her mother on the other hand belonged to Karachi Pakistan.  Sonia has spent her childhood in various counties such as  Kuwait, Karachi, Pakistan; Toronto,Canada; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Professional Life of Sonia Ahmed

In 2002 Sonia Ahmed announced the first pageant for Pakistan in the world. She believes and consider herself a force for the development, progression and liberation of Pakistani women internationally. One major reason behind her pageant was  to build cultural gap and also cultural connections to showcase Pakistani beauty and talent. The first pageant started in 2002 was initially limited only for Pakistani Women living in Canada. After three years of assiduous and diligent work, Sonia was able make this pageant international. She changed the name of pageant of Miss Pakistan World.

In 2007, Sonia also established Mrs. Pakistani World. This pageant was to bring forward the married women of Pakistan. The only requirement for taking part in this pageant was that your native country was to be Pakistan. Rest where you live, where you were born were not important. In 2011, Ahmed went ahead with the Mr. Pakistan World event, a male competition for Pakistan to generate more youth to participate in areas where a lighter side of Pakistan could be shown. Sonia is currently busy planning Miss Pakistan 2013-2014.


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