Yasir Hussain’s Telefilm ‘Help Me Durdana’ is Giving Major Disappointed to Audience

Eid Telefilms pull a tremendously huge audience at some point of the Eid festivities. ‘Help Me Durdana’ was amongst one of the most hyped telefilms for Eid. Yasir Hussain stars in this as Dino, who has to act like his mom for parts of the film. The show received a lot of traction when images of Yasir’s seem came out and was quickly followed by using the actor making an insensitive comment.

Dino and Maheen (Ushna Shah) are in love and prefer to get married to each other. Maheen’s father is already on the lookout for rishtas for her daughter however she refuses. She tells her father about Dino and her father pronounces that he wants to meet him and his mother. Her father’s circumstance is that Dino desires to be well settled and anybody who is a ‘family man’- both matters Dino is not. Maheen does no longer inform him that Dino’s mom has surpassed away consequently creating the essential tension of the telefilm.

This is when matters get a little creepy!


With the introduction of Durdana, there is an epic case of mistaken identification and each lie leads to another, and so on so forth. Dino and Maheen find themselves in a web of lies that they must continue to exist and also come out the different aspect of, married. In the midst of all this, Maheen’s father is falling head over heels for Durdana.


Yasir Hussain’s performance as Durdana outshone his performance as Dino. Whenever she was once in frame, you couldn’t help however look at her. Yasir was extraordinarily convincing as Durdana and he certainly breathe lifestyles into the character.

The show definitely had its comedic moments and was a light watch for Eid. Other than Maheen’s father and his tharak, the show is an exceptionally accurate entertainer.

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