Meera shows interest in English movies

The news has recently come out that Meera’s first English movie ‘Oscar’ is right there to get released. As we all know that Meera is one of the most successful, talented, and versatile actresses of Pakistan. She is a bold and adorable beauty who has touched the heights of success throughout her career.

Meera interested in English movies

The adorable and bold actress of the beloved country Pakistan, Meera, is showing much interested in English movies. She has always continued to have fiery penchant for the local movies of the country. But it seems that the adorable lady is now more serious to land some great roles in Hollywood. Does she has the spark to compete the so many beautiful and remarkable ladies of America and Hollywood? This is the question that arises in our minds the most.

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Meera Films and Media house

Meera films and media house is what our adorable lady Meera is running along with her sister named Aqsa Rubab. This clearly means that her sister, being a fashion designer, is there to help Meera move on towards a successful and bright future. Not only this but also her brother named Syed Ahsan, and mother Syeda Shafqat Zahra Bukhari are there to guide this lady of how to become amazing and successful in Hollywood. Due to all of these reasons, we are expecting that Meera will showcase her skills and acting capabilities in Hollywood. Well, for this, there is one more problem I feel. She is over-age lady now. I mean the females of Meera’s age are not liked by any of the movie makers to get directed in their big projects of movies.

Meera told in an interview that she is interested to promote a good image of Pakistan to the world. She also said that she is against terrorism and the negative image of the country.

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