The News Of The Day; Fight Dengue With Meera

Fight Dengue With Meera! Oh Wow, the news seems to be very interesting. So lets see that how can we fight dengue with scandal queen Meera.

As we know that summer season is about to come and as the temperature is getting hot, the growth of mosquitoes is increasing. The growth of mosquitoes mean, the fear of Dengue! Punjab government is trying its best to fight dengue. It has taken many steps in past years to completely remove Dengue.

Fight Dengue With Meera

fight dengue with meera


Recently, a news hit the headlines that Fight Dengue With Meera. According to media, Punjab Government has composed a song with Meera as a part of the Dengue awareness campaign.

This amazing song is composed by Tariq Tafu and is in Punjabi. Speaking to Dawn News, Tariq Tafu said that the song will be a hit in Pakistan and it will create awareness about Dengue Fever. The lyrics of the songs are Dengue Menu Larr Gayya.

Dengue Menu Larr Gaya

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