Meera Said Good Bye To English

The beautiful Pakistani film star ‘Meera’ said good bye to her bold and entertaining English. Yes! Meera has announced this news at Karachi Airport when she arrived from her foreign tour. She said that she has decided not to speak ‘English’ any more. She don’t like English but she speaks it because there is no other option. She also said that she loves Urdu and she is proud to be an Urdu speaker and she feels good while speaking Urdu.Meera Said Good Bye To English


Pakistani journalist, analyst and TV host ‘Sohail Warraich’ once advised Meera not to speak English  in ‘Umar Sharif Show’. May be it could be the result of his advice. Well it would be bad news for some fun lovers who love to listen Meera’s English as it was a source of enjoyment and entertainment.

We have also heard that Meera wants to build a welfare Hospital same like Shaukat Khanum Hospital’ run by PTI Leader ‘Imran Khan’. We wish Meera best of Luck for her project.!

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