Innovative Ways to use Green Tea for Beauty

Green Tea has many health benefits. It is an old product that is in health market yet. Many people use it for weight loss. Health conscious people drink one cup of green tea regularly. Besides health, green tea has many benefits for maintaining your beauty. Here we have a few Innovative Ways to use Green Tea for Beauty. Have a look.

Green Tea for Beauty

Glowing Skin:

If you are drinking green tea regularly, it makes your skin glowing and soft. You can also use it as a Face Mask. Prepare a cup of green tea. Add few of tablespoons to the cleanser or moisturiser you use and apply it on your face. Your skin will glow.

You can add brewed green tea to lemon juice or yogurt and apply the mixture to you face for 15 minutes.

Innovative Ways to use Green Tea for Your Beauty (1)

Dark Circles Reduction:

Take Green Tea Bags, freeze them for a night. Put the bags on your eyes and relax. Your eyes will brighten up causing the reduction in your dark circles.Green Tea for Beauty

Hair Growth and Shine:

Mix the green tea with egg and coconut oil, apply it to your hairs for half an hour and have shinny hairs. It will increase your hair growth as well.Innovative Ways to use Green Tea for Your Beauty (2)



Healthy Teeth and Gums:

Green Tea for Beauty

Green Tea for Beauty

You can drink Green Tea as a mouth was and have healthy teeth and gums.

Glowing Body:

Mix regular grainy sugar with a few tablespoons of green tea, lemon Juice and honey and make a paste. Apply it to your darkened arms and legs. Your body will glow. Innovative Ways to use Green Tea for Your Beauty (4)

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