Stay Healthy And Love Your Microbiomes

Loving our microbes means to love keeping ourselves healthy!

These days the fight for survival has been increased among the human beings. Every one is found to be busy in his/her own activities. Have you ever wondered about how to make your life healthy and active? No? Then let me tell you that staying healthy does not mean that you need to do a lot of practices. Scientists have proved that taking care of ourselves a little and keeping an eye on our diet are the very basic and quick to follow rules to make us healthy and active.

Stay Healthy & Love Your Microbiomes1

The medical professionals have unveiled in various researches and journals that the unhygienic environment and even the presence of a single tiny bug can make us ill. So, taking care of the environment we live in is of great importance.

Recently in an interview to National Public Radio, Dr. Lita has viewed,


“The vast majority of them are beneficial and actually essential to health. The project is identifying microbes on key body parts, including the nose, gut, mouth and skin, in order to get a better sense of the microbes’ role in human health”.

This means taking care of our microbiomes and loving to keep them healthy is the only practice to make us enjoy a wonderful healthy life. Well, yes that is true because these days, the scientists are working on various health care projects to know more about the role of microbiomes and microbes in our lives.

But let me tell you a little about microbes. A microbe is a substance (virus, bacteria etc) which is always present there in our environment and even within our bodies. The microbes can both be harmful and useful, depending upon their class and characteristics. But as we all have the usual concept of viruses and bacteria to be harmful, then yes a lot of their classes and varieties cause health problems and lead the human beings to death.

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