Home-made Cleanser for Black Heads

Many women across the globe suffer at the hands of black heads. They present a very discomforting situation which is not easy to avoid.Home made Cleanser for Black Heads There are many face wash and scrubs available in the market that can serve your need but they are not without any side effects. Some of these products can wipe out natural softness of your skin and will make your skin dull and dry which can contribute to other skin problems as well. We have home made remedy for cleanser which will help you get rid of black heads effectively.



Home made cleanser

Take a bowl and pour hot water in it. Mix one tablespoon turmeric powder, one pinch of saffron, few henna leaves and a lot of peppermint oil in it. Mingle all the ingredients nicely and keep it in fridge. Use this home made easy to make cleanser with the help of cotton wools on your face and within few days of its use, you will see blackheads vanishing from your face.

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