How To Apply Nude Lipstick Correctly

If you want a pinkish or a peachy nude lip, this trick won’t work. But incase you are looking a true nude lip that this trick can do wonders. There are many ways to getting a nude lipstick but this is the one i found the best. What good are nude lips? A nude lip is gorgeous look that allows all the focus to go to the eyes. We suggest people that you should own at-least one nude lipstick and use is every now and then. In today’s beauty article we will tell you How To Apply Nude Lipstick Correctly. 

How To Apply Nude Lipstick Correctly

Following are the tips on How To Apply Nude Lipstick Correctly.

 How To apply nude LipStick



  • A good Foundation
  • Sponge its not a compulsion , but its good if you have it. 
  • A Nude Lip Liner. 
  • A True Nude Lipstick
  • A Pale Pink Lip Liner, only if you have light medium skin tone. 


Following are the steps on How To Apply Nude Lipstick Correctly 

The first step is that you should apply the foundation properly on your face, play more attention to your lips. Why should you apply foundation on your lips, because it will tone down any natural lip color you have may it be pink or may it be dark black or anything.

The second step includes the usage of nude lip liner. Very carefully line the perimeter with the nude lip liner.

Then the third step is that you fill the entire lip area with the nude lipstick.

Trace the inside area of both the top and bottom lip with the pale pink lip liner. Tracing your lips with pale pink lip liner is for those who have light medium skin tone.

And the last step is that you blend the line by lightly tapping your fingers over it.

You are done with your excellent nude lip stick. 

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