Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

When we look at the fashion trends then they often kept on changing each minute but the same story also goes for the makeup trends as well. At sometime the women and girls were crazy for the smoky makeup and even the brown eyes makeup but in the list of eye makeup we have another addition of the blue eyes makeup. This makeup trend is getting much famous and known in the girls and women. They are always in the search of such makeup tips. Now the main question is that how we can apply the makeup for the blue eyes. In this article we are discussing the application process for the fans of blue eyes.

1. Firstly take a silver eye shadow and apply it on the eye lashes and take it till the eyebrows.


2. Now take the lavender color shade and mix it completely with the silver color in such a way that no such distinction is let between both of them.

3. Now for giving out the fewer touch of the blue color just take violet color and blend it with the other two shades that were applied previously.

4. Now apply the dark gray eye liner on the eyes in thin layer stroke.

5. Now finally covers the eye with the mascara feel surface touch.

Well apart from the silver or the black color in the combination of the makeup for blue eyes you can even add the diverse colors as well including the pink, light red, yellow and green. All such women and girls who have still not face them in the mirror with the blue eye they must try it now and we are sure that you will love to see yourself in this makeup again and again. APPLY IT NOW…………….

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