Makeup Tips For Monsoon Season

As the women love the monsoon season then on the other hand she also feels little afraid of applying the makeup on her face. The basic reason behind this fact is that she normally thinks that the rain will turn over her makeup and the whole face appears to give out a horrible shape. Well in every season the makeup needs some special attention because each single season has its own requirements and conditions in view of the makeup applications. Well through this article we are helping out all those girls and women with some of the beneficial and notable makeup tips for applying the makeup in the monsoon time period.

1. Foremost you have to be very alert for the use of foundations because the extra foundation will turn small patches on the skin that will definitely leave the skin dull and dry. Apply as little foundation as possible.


2. Secondly in view of the blushes always use light and soft colors because the dark colors will make the skin additional untidy. Make sure that soft colors will give a healthy image to the skin in the monsoon.

3. Thirdly, always overlook mascara and eye liner in the monsoon because the rainy season can blend down all the eye liner that would make the eyes horrible.

4. In view of the eye shadows always use light and soft colors such as aqua blue, pink, sky blue and white.

5. Most importantly apply as much lipstick as possible. Instead of lipstick you can use lip gloss that would make the lips shiner and glowing as well.

Well these were some of the helpful makeup tips for the girls and women. When you apply the makeup in monsoon don’t fail to remember these makeup tips and we are sure that you will no longer feel afraid for applying the makeup in monsoon time spell.

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