Get sparkling teeth

Smile is a very prominent trait of your personality. When someone’s smile with clean and sparkling teeth it gives a positive response of his personality. From childhood we start caring of our teeth till they exist. If we take care of our teeth they will be exist for many years. We should avoid eating too many sweets and candies to prevent decaying of teeth. Teeth having spots on them, discoloured and decay teeth give a very bad impact on your personality and these are also against your health. Do not take excess of drinks, tea, cofee and sodas. They causes yellow stains on your teeth and smell from your mouth and stomach will come with their excessive usage. Brush your teeth twice a day regularly. Use good quality branded whitening tooth pastes, gells and mouthwashes. Take small quantity of soft drinks. Smokers have always yellow pale teeth which look very bad, so avoid smoking which is very bad for your health also. Drink 10-12 glass water daily. Black salt with baking soda is also used as a home remedy to get sparkling teeth with a cute smile.

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