Bad Breath Can be Prevented Easily with these Tips

Bad breath is a very common problem faced by people worldwide. It is often unnoticed by the person suffering from it. People get to know that their breath stinks when people turn away from them while they are talking. It can affect a person’s social life very badly. It has many causes like lack of proper dental hygiene and diet. So, it can be prevent easily with some simple tips. Following are some tips that you can take to prevent bad breath.


Tips for Preventing Bad Breathbad breath

  • Brush and floss your teeth properly in morning, at night and after every meal in order to remove particles that stick to your tongue or gaps between teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth, these particles rot and lead to the growth of bacteria which in turn cause bad breath.
  • While brushing teeth, scrape your tongue as well to get rid of food particles. This will allow you to get rid of food particles that stick to your tongue.
  • Use mouthwash or gargle with cold water after every meal to get rid of all traces of food.
  • Visit your dentist every 6 months to have a proper examination of your teeth and deal with dental problems that cause smelly breath, early. A visit to the dentist also allows you to get your teeth cleaned professionally. This prevents foul breath effectively.
  • Avoid garlic, eggs, onions and other strong smelling food that cause your breath to stink. If you eat them, be sure to gargle thoroughly afterwards.
  • Drink plenty of water in order to clean your throat and mouth. This is important as water keeps your mouth moist and washes away bacteria.
  • Eat foods that clean the throat and due to this, give you a fresh breath. Such foods include guava and bread.
  • Chew sugarless gum in order to stimulate the production of saliva. Saliva fights bad breath effectively by keeping the mouth moist. Thus, its production is quite important for stopping bad breath.
  • A foul breath is often the result of smoking. Thus, you can prevent it easily by taking steps to quit smoking.

With these tips you will be able to prevent bad breath easily. This will help you avoid the social problems caused by it.

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