Get rid of your bulky tummy

People with big and heavy tummy are very worried about this problem. They feel very difficulties in carrying out their routine life activities. They cannot walk fast, run fast and cannot perform their daily tasks actively and energetically. They feel laziness and got tired after some time. They can loose their fats by doing following exercises daily. First of all you should be concentrated and give time seriously to these exercises. You should decrease your daily food in take gradually. Take a normal and healthy diet but in a less quantity. You can do exercises like pull up your legs by lying straightly on the ground. Stay in this position for a while, it will reduce your belly fats. Repeat this exercise from 4-5 times. There is also another easy exercise which you can do easily anywhere. Contract your belly inside in your routine life, it will make your habit of contracting inside your tummy which will give a quiet smaller and less look of your belly. Another exercise is to lie down on ground and without moving your hands, back and head from the floor fold your knees and lift up to the chest. remain in this position and then come back to the normal position. When you are drinking water, take small sips of water and when you take food take small bits and chew it repeatedly. Increase the time duration and repeatitions of these exercises gradually day by day.

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