Back Exercises For A Perfect Posture

Think about your posture whenever you can, are you sitting with your back straight or are you slouching in your chair? Remember that your body gets used to the positions you use most frequently so bad habits now can decide your posture n the future. So STOP and take time to look at the way you stand now.

Following are some back exercises which can help you to get a perfect posture. You should exercise your back regularly to strengthen the muscles and improve your posture.

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Put your arms above your head and stretch upward, moving from your hips, and then relax for a while. Repeat this procedure 10 times.

Exercise with your legs crossed and arms upwards
Kneel down on all the fours (legs and hands) and at the same time, bend your back. Then look up again and relax your back. Repeat 5 times.


Exercise with your hands and legs kneel down towards the floor

Lie on your back. Bend your knees and bring them near the chest area. Grab your knees with your hands and lift your head and shoulders to touch your knees. Move up and down gently a few times.


Lie on your back and bend your knees
Kneel with your bottom on your feet. Bend forward and rest your head on your knees. Place your arms and palms up, by your sides and then relax for a while.

Kneel with your bottom on your feet

Try these exercises, they work for sure 🙂

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