Color Studio Professional Launches in Pakistan

For all you makeup junkies out there! Color Studio Professional now launches in Pakistan and brings to you a fresh and new experience of professional makeup products that are designed to make you FEEL GOOD! Each of the products at Color Studio is designed with leading research and development partners in North America and Europe. Recently brand is launched in Pakistan in Karachi and Lahore and offers a wide range of different shades of attractive nail lacquers and hyper shine lip glaze for now but later they will be coming up with more amazing products. So hurry and get your hands on your favourite shade right away!

Lip Gloss by Color Studio Professional





Makeup Products by Color Studio Professional

Nail Enamels by Color Studio


Sky Blue by Color Studio

Color Studio



Pink and Silver Nail Colours by Color Studio Professional

Nail Lacquers by Color Studio

Hyper Shine Lip Glaze by Color Studio

Color Studio Professional Range of Nail Colours and Lip Glosses

Source: Color Studio

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