How To Remove Your Makeup Correctly

You can apply as much makeup as you want, and anytime you want. The only important thing here is that you should remove it especially before going to bed. Because sleeping while you are wearing your makeup is the worse thing you can do to your skin. In today’s skin care article we decided to talk on how to remove your makeup correctly.

How To Remove Your Makeup Correctly

Few years back i wouldn’t have believed that there are special ways for removing makeup, but now i whole heartily believe that yes there are specially ways for removing makeup. That is one reason behind me writing the article how to remove your makeup correctly. 

The first step towards how to remove your makeup correctly is; you should always wash your hands with a soft soap or cleaning foam.

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For eye and lips, we suggest that you use makeup removal oil. Dab a little bit of makeup removal oil or lotion to your lids and lashes, then rub the lotion gently with your fingertips. Wipe the lotion away using a moist, but not the dripping cotton ball or pad.

Repeat the same process for removing makeup i.e. lipstick from your lips.



Now the important part, the face. What you have to do for removing your makeup correctly is that you should opt for some makeup removal lotion over a soap. Take out some makeup removal lotion onto your palm, and dab small amount of this makeup removal lotion on your neck and your whole face. In case you thick the lotion is very thick there is always a choice of diluting it. Mix some water for dilution, but do this only if it is necessary.

The next step is that you rub the lotion on your skin with slow circular motions. Make sure that the makeup removal products  do not get absorb by your skin, that mean rub it for a little time. The makeup removal lotion should foam on top of your skin, as they will help in extracting leftover makeup and impurities. Remove the emulsion with a damp cotton ball or pad. Do not reuse old pads or cotton balls. If you are using makeup removal oil, follow the directions on the packaging. However taking down makeup is much easier and quicker with makeup removal lotion.

Add some alcohol-free toning lotion on a clean cotton ball and rub it around your face paying special attention to the hairline and the area around the ears, where makeup tends to cling.This lotion should remove the leftover fat from the makeup removal product; it will also tone and refresh the epidermis. Use such lotion twice a day in order to keep your skin healthy and protected. You can also use it as a compress for problem areas. Simply put some lotion on a pad, lay back and place it over your face for 20 minutes.

After rubbing your face with alcohol-free lotion, remove all traces of it with a paper tissue. Dab, do not rub, and do not pull the skin downwards. When your face is completely dry, apply night or day cream.In the morning you can skip the makeup removal lotion and apply only toning lotion before your day cream application.


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