Alter your looks and make your nose smarter by nose contouring

Nose contouring is one of the essentials in make up. A wide nose can look narrower, a long nose shorter and a short one sharper and longer. It is an easy method to transform ur features and make urself more presentable, making u more confident about how you look.

Things u will need : (For daily usage) equaliser or any kind of base/foundation that is nearly similar to your facial colour ,darker shade of foundation/base then is being used on the face, colour pallats (shades) of brown, contoring brush, sponge, any shimmer in the shade of white/silver.

make your nose smarter by nose contouring


Application: Apply base or the equaliser on ur face and neck inorder to equal the facial tone, to get rid or hide any unwanted marks (note: apply the base similar to ur skin tone as u dont want to overdo urself, make it look natural), with the help of a  sponge,for better results use a wet sponge, before using the sponge make sure all the water has been sqeezed off.

FOR A WIDE NOSE: Use any shade of brown darker then the base used, extend the brush to each side of the nose, and blend it, use the brush to further contour ur nose around the nostrils not fogetting to cover the tip of the nose, Blend well. further more use the white shimmer on the middle bone of the nose to enhance the contored shades further.

Inorder to WIDEN A THIN NOSE: Apply lighter shades of brown on the side of the nose. around the nostrils and the tip, if the nose is pointed apply any darker shade then used on the rest of the nose on and under the tip of the nose. Blend it well to give it a smoothe and natural look.

MAKE A WIDE NOSE LOOK THIN: With the help of the applicator apply dark shades of foundation on the bridge of the nose,extend it down to the tip of the nose, blend it well, furthermore apply the shimmer on the bone of the noseexactly on the middle and inorder to modify wide nostrils applydarkere shades on the side of the nostrils, dont forget to blend it well.

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