Thin Lips- How to Make them Appear Fuller

Full lips can make a person look more beautiful and youthful. Look at Angelina Jolie. Everyone admires her full lips. However, many of us do not have lips like that. Fortunately, in modern times it is possible to make thin lips appear fuller. Women with thin lips can opt for lip augmentation to make their lips fuller. But if you are one of those women who are reluctant to get any such procedure done then the good news is that you can still get full lips with an easy procedure. The steps for this easy procedure to make thin lips appear larger are given below.


Instructions for Making Thin Lips Appear Fuller

  1. Remove your natural lip line with the help of foundation or concealer. thin lipsBefore doing this, ensure that your foundation or concealer matches your skin tone and is the same shade as the ones you use for the rest of your face.
  2. After this, draw lines with a lip liner. The one for the upper lip should be slightly above the natural lip line and the one for the lower lip should be along your lip line. Ensure that the lip liner that you use is close to your natural lip color. Check for balance on each side in order to get a natural look.
  3. Color your lips with a matching shade of lipstick, while staying within the lip line. Ensure that the lines are not visible. Blot them with a tissue paper or blend them with your finger if they are visible.
  4. Cover the lipstick with lip gloss. Apply lip gloss in the middle of the top lip and all over the bottom lip in order to get lots of shine as shine gives an illusion of fullness.
  5. Admire your full lips

You can follow the above procedure whenever you want to make your thin lips look fuller for parties or special events. In addition to this, take care when using lipstick color. Bright and light lipsticks should be chosen as they allow your lips to look fuller. On the other hand, stay away from dark lips as they can cause your lips to look thinner than they already are.

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