Mattify Bronzer For Oily Skin

It would be hard to find a girls handbag without a bronzer. The biggest advantage that bronzer gives is, it can make your skin look sun-kissed even when your skin is protected by a sunscreen cream or lotion. If you have an oily skin then, this medium sized bronzer is a must use accessory for you.

  Mattify Bronzer For Oily Skin_01


This medium toned bronzer can be used with any skin tone, if you want to give your skin a sun-kissed glow, then you should dust all over with the help of a fluffy powder brush.


 Mattify Bronzer For Oily Skin_02

If you want to have a targeted “tanning” and at the same time also want to have a darker golden shimmer, then you should use a powder putt, it will give you more precision.


 Mattify Bronzer For Oily Skin_03


You can also use it with a cosmetic wedge or a powder puff to contour and slim your legs, nose, arms and cheeks.If you want to create an all over glow, then add this bronzer with your favorite lotion and give your self an all over glow.

 Mattify Bronzer For Oily Skin_04

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