What is a Pedicure & How to do pedicure at home?

Pedicure_at_home_001Nails are risk prone because if you are wearing tight shoes there is a possibility that your nails might get cuts and bruises and if they are not treated properly they might get fungus. What is Pedicure, it means to improve the overall appearance of your feet and nails. It includes washing of feet, shaping your nails to avoid cuts, removal of dead skin, treating any infection e.t.c. You can get a pedicure from beauty saloons but if you are looking for a method to how to do a pedicure at home. Here are 5 easy steps to do a pedicure at home

 Step No. 1,Take the tub put some warm water and mix bath salt in it and mix it. Put your both feet in the tub for at least 10 minutes and relax. This will remove dirt from your feet.


Step No. 2.Use some nail polish remover that does not contain Acetone because it will dry out your nails. You can also use cotton balls but make sure you do not leave behind any traces of cotton. Put your feet again in the tub for few minutes and then clean them with towel.

Step No. 3.Now takeout your toenail clipper and start from outside and move toward center. Rule of thumb is to have toe nail not more than the length of your toe. If the extensive use of your nail polish has made your nails yellow you can lightly buff your nails and afterwards put your feet again in the tub to remove all the waste.

Step No. 4.Now is the time to remove the dead skin from back of your heels. You should use a pumice stone. You can use a cream to loosen your dead skin. Do this with both your feet.

Step No. 5.Washout the cream and dry out your feet. Now is the time for give your feet a nice massage. Apply some cream on your feet and rub in circular motion it will increase the blood flow.

Now your feet are ready and you can apply nail polish. This is the best Homemade Pedicure for girls that they can do easily at home

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