Determine Your Skin Tone

Skin is one of the major organs of the body. It is of different colors. The skin tone is usually dependent upon the area we live in, the climatic conditions, and of course the meal we intake every day.

Your skin tone

You can take very good care of your skin when you come to know your skin tone. Let me here tell you that the skin’s outer layer is having a pigment that is responsible for its color. The name of this pigment is melanin. The people with dark complexion have more active and dark melanin as compared to the individuals with light complexion and lighter melanin. This is what determines your skin tone.

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Skin Tone

Function of Melanin

To know more about your skin tone, let me here tell you that the melanin serves as bodies’ defense against the uv rays and harmful rays of the sun. This is also helpful to prevent the skin cancer and other skin problems. It is mandatory for us, to have great skin tone, to not stay too long in the hot weather and pollution. This is due to the reason that it damages the melanin and thus makes us feel bad as we may have poor and odd looking skin.


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Skin Tone

Take care of your skin

It is must for you to take very good care of your skin. The skin tone can be determined when you know what is melanin and how to keep it protected. Also, you are to bear in mind that you need to moisturize the skin properly and thoroughly. This is mandatory due to the season that if you don’t do so, dark circles, pimples, wrinkles, and even the aging affects would start arising onto the skin. I am sure you don’t want to let it happen to yourself. So, stay safe and enjoy great skin tone.

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