Choosing the Best Nail Colour According To Your Skin Tone

Many of us can do manicure at home with great ease but after doing the manicure its time to look for some funky nail art designs for Choosing the Best Nail Colour According To Your Skin Toneyourself that will match your skin tone and will improve your diva look.

Best Nail Colour for Warm Skin Tones :-

Those of you who have warm skin tone must avoid nail colors that have cool undertones. You should go for warm pink, deep browns corals, with yellow undertones or white pink sheer colors. You can also use an orangey shade for boost of colour and it can also be very good for contrasting with olive skin tone.


Best Nail Colour for Cool Skin Tones:-

If you have cool skin tone then you should go for colors that are with blue undertones. If you are planning to wear red nail polish then you must try out the cool berry shade. Similarly if you like to wear pink then go for pink with bluish undertones and see the desire results.

Best Nail Colour for Dark Skin:-

If you have a dark skin tone, then warm browns, creamy beiges, vivid pinks and deep purple shades are the one that you should look to wear on most occasions. However if you are interested in using light colors then you must try white nail polish as base color.

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