Was Ayesha Omar The First Choice to Play Lead In Laal Kabootar?

You would be much surprised to listen out the fact that in the most successful film Laal Kabootar, for the role of Mansha Pasha the very first approaching choice was Ayesha Omar. Yes you heard it right!  Well many of the fans did not accept this fact because for them Mansha Pasha was the perfect choice of the film.

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Well as despite many of Ayesha’s own projects stuck in limbo, she said that she really enjoys the course of coming up with the projects of the Pakistani movies that have come out in recent times. When we asked her about her take on the upcoming March releases she did unveiled out that she was most excited about Laal Kabootarand revealed that she was approached to do that film.

She added in her statement that:


“Kamal and I started our careers on television together. I was the first one he had approached for the film but unfortunately, I wasn’t in town and he was in the hurry to finish the casting. It’s sad that I couldn’t read for the part.”

She even said that she is thinking about making her way back on the TV. As by far taking break from the small screen for a few years, Ayesha is now going through scripts and is currently in the process of finalizing details for her comeback on TV.

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