Pakistani Model Wajahat – Profile and Portfolio

The top model, Wajahat is a precious talent of Pakistan industry. One main thing about Wajahat is that he doesn’t fake himself in the fashion industry. Whatever charm and karma he has, it’s all natural and comes from within! That is the reason why Wajahat has won the hearts of many people and he is the one who has a long list of female fans ready to die for him. Afterall,

“Fashion is not what you can fake, it’s all about showing WHO you really are in a perfect way”

Pakistani Fashion Model; WAJAHAT has won the hearts of many people by his excellent looks and charismatic personality. He came to Pakistan as a Model for small modeling assignments and photo shoots but soon this coal was discovered by fashion industry that worked on him and turned Wajahat into one of the famous and shining diamonds of the fashion industry.

Pakistani Model Wajahat - Profile and Portfolio (11)

Wajahat is a precious gem of the fashion industry and the success he made in his life through such struggle and effort is a proof that he deserves our appreciation and applause. His appealing looks and attractive face has won the hearts of many people. His perfect height adds double charm to his personality. He has done many photo shoots and ads and they all went HIT and famous. He also gave a photo shoot for the hot KARMA collection and all its readers are proud of you WAJAHAT! 🙂





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