Mohsin Abbas Wife Finally Reached Court for Divorce

Almost a month ago the social media was stormed with a news that Mohsin Abbas beaten his wife Fatima Sohail. The media industry was divided here like it was divided in the issue of Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar harassment scandal. Well the news of Mohsin Abbas and Fatima Sohail clash upon domestic violence something like a shock because no one ever imagined that we’ll hear something like this from Mohsin Abbas.

Mohsin Abbas recently emerged as an actor and singer. He first appeared in a political comedy show Mazakraat as a singer and rapper. But then he became popular and started acting as well. Now when the media got the news that Mohsin Abbas’s wife alleged him for beating her, it was just a shocking blast.Mohsin Abbas Wife Finally Reached Court for Divorce


At first, everyone thought that it’s nothing but a publicity stunt utilized by Mohsin Abbas wife but then issue went under the carpet. But today we saw that Fatima Sohail who is Mohsin Abbas’s wife, reached court to get divorce from Mohsin Abbas. Now that step from Mohsin Abbas’s wife changed the story and the perception totally. Now let see what happens next but whatsoever is happening is not good because end of marriage is not considered always something good.

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