Ali Rehman Khan Just Said Dogs Are like Family but Social Media is Getting Pissed Off

Dogs are a very sensitive subject in Pakistan. Religious debates around the four-legged furry muppets always floor online, with many condemning any association with them. Ali Rehman Khan currently encouraged how we deal with our puppies better in Pakistan, and stated how upsetting it was once that in most situations they aren’t as cherished as they ought to be.

The actor used to be out for a stroll when he encountered two Golden Retrievers. The interaction received him questioning about how dogs are dealt with in Pakistan.

He relayed how it broke his coronary heart “to see all those puppies neglected” and wished “more people had dogs internal their houses as individuals of their families in Pakistan as an alternative than maintaining them backyard in cages and in gardens.”

 “Dogs are a gift, literally the quality pals you will ever have, ever!” exclaimed Ali.

Here’s his full statement:

“Those moments when nothing else makes you happier. Chilled with these cuties when I saw them on the side stroll strutting around. Which makes me suppose about how dogs are saved in Pakistan. I truely wish more humans had puppies inner their homes as individuals of their families in Pakistan instead than maintaining them backyard in cages and in gardens. Breaks my coronary heart to see all these puppies neglected. I feel sorry for people who don’t give themselves the opportunity to trip the love of a canine each 2d they’re round one. Dogs are a gift, literally the first-class pals you will ever have, ever! Embrace their love! ️🐶 #goldenretriever #dogs#mansbestfriend #bestdayever”

While many posted little messages of love and loads of ‘awwws,’



There had been many who sparked a debate under Ali’s post, disagreeing with the actor’s opinion about puppies being interior the house.

A few answered to the remarks above, with this specific one summing a rebuttal up very nicely.

While religion is a non-public matter and no one need to ignore any remark or judgment on another’s non secular preference, it’s unlucky that many do no longer apprehend this. Live and let live. Who are we to judge anybody?

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