Actress Reema Khan in Jaago Pakistan Jaago

Actress Reema khan is in Pakistan these days. The beautiful,gorgeous and evergreen Queen of the Pakistan showbiz industry was spotted at the 4th Hum Awards recently held in Karachi. actress Reema Khan needs no introduction. this ultimate beautiful lady now lives in US with her husband and her cute little son Azlaan.

On Monday, 25th April, Actress Reema Khan was invited as a guest by Sanam Jung in jago pakistan jago. this gorgeous lady was looking pretty and graceful in her simple yet classy greyish outfit. Sanam asked many questions from reema khan and she brilliantly answered all the questions well. mentioning about her life nowadays, reema told the audience about how busy she is with her married life and her son. reema also gave audience some tips on health and beauty. sanam jung in the entire show praised reema for her contribution to the Pakistani industry. she even compliments reema khan for her beauty and fitness. the audience on the show presented reema a red rose as a token of their love for reema.

reema discusses about her marriage on the show. her marriage was held with simplicity in the US. she even mentioned about other proposals she received. reema gave some tips to the ladies to stay fit and beautiful after marriage. she also cooked her favorite dish live on the show.

the conversation of two most graceful and pretty ladies, Actress reema khan and the host sanam jung was worth watching. it was the other side of Reema most of us are unaware of.


Pictures of Actress Reema Khan in Jaago Pakistan Jaago:

Actress reema khan


Reema khan and sanam jung conversing.



Reema khan receiving roses from the audience.




Reema khan looking graceful in this outfit.


Gorgeous smile Reema!


Wow, What a stylo she is.

reema khan in morning show


Reema khan cooking her favourite dish at the morning show.

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