Five Simple Steps For Choosing The Best Nail Polish

It is not so difficult to do manicure on your own, as it is enough just to have proper manicure tools and know basic rules on how to do your nails. But quite often your efforts become worthless because of poor-quality nail polishes or its sloppy application. Thus let’s sort out how to choose best nail polish that would be easy to apply…

1. Special attention should be paid to the nail polish brush. It shouldn’t reach the bottom of the nail polish bottle as well as be too short. It is better to opt for medium-size nail polish brush with equal accurately gathered fibers.

2. To choose the best nail polish, you should take count of how nail polish would drop from the brush – it shouldn’t stretch but drop as an indiscrete mass within 3-5 minutes.


3. Also you should pay attention to the nail polish bottle. Don’t opt for nail polishes in bizarre-shaped bottles, as tiny nail polish particles would get stuck in its bends. Moreover it is very good if there is a tiny metal ball inside the nail polish bottle as it can perfectly knead the enamel.


4. Colored nail polishes don’t contain special ingredients for smoothing and strengthening nail plate. Thus if your nails require extra care it is better to use special base coat that contains various wholesome components.

5. If you decide to purchase pearl nail polish pay a special attention to its compound. Many producers use natural nacre that contains calcium instead of synthetic polyether. And if have healthy nails calcium oversaturation will lead to nail exfoliation.


And in conclusion, if you are allergic person you should NOT buy toluene- or formaldehyde-comprising nail polishes as they are considered to be toxic.

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